Iso 31000 In Enterprise Risk Management Choose A Key Principle From 11 Key Princ

ISO 31000 in Enterprise Risk Management

Choose a key principle from 11 Key Principles in the attached ISO 31000 lecture document 

9) Risk management is transparent and inclusive

Appropriate and timely involvement of stakeholders and, in particular, decision makers at all levels of the organization, ensures that risk management remains relevant and up-to-date

Involvement also allows stakeholders to be properly represented and to have their views taken into account in determining risk criteria.

Each group gets one key principle and writes a paper about it and does a powerpoint presentation about it.

7-page paper

  • Intro about ISO 31000
  • What is the key Principle which has been assigned
  • Purpose of the key principle
  • How it fits into ISO 31000 as a whole
  • Why your key principle should be considered the most important of them all.
  • Examples of key principle in action
  • Conclusion

In addition to the submitting the paper, all references will have to be submitted in PDF form. 

Powerpoint Presentation:

Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation based upon your Group Research Paper.  The PowerPoint deck must have have citations, must include transitions, have at least one graphic, and have at least one animation.

Proper APA format will be part of the grade.

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