Is There Anywhere Upload Asnwers To The Questions In This Problem Set Called Pro

is there anywhere upload asnwers to the questions in this problem set called “problemas estrategia”? specifically I am searching for an answer to question 13. You own a private parking lot near U.C. Berkeley with a capacity of 600 cars. The demand for parking at this lot is estimated to be Q = 1000-2p, where Q is the number of customers with monthly parking passes and p is the monthly parking fee per car. (a) Derive your marginal revenue schedule. (b) What price generates the greatest revenues? Your fixed costs of operating the parking lot, such as the monthly lease paid to the landlord and the cost of hiring an attendant are $25,000 per month. In addition, your insurance company charges you $20 per car per month for liability coverage, and the City of Berkeley charges you $30 per car per month as part of its policy to discourage the use of private automobiles. (c) What is your profit-maximizing price?

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