I Will Pay For The Following Essay Scale In Space The Essay Is To Be 2 Pages Wit

I will pay for the following essay Scale in Space. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

While the earth has the biotic diversity with defining interactions, little evidence exists to show possible existence of life in the other planets. This induces uncertainty and prompts need for research amidst theories that people have help about the universe. Efforts by astronomers, into developed knowledge about each planet of the solar system has however developed awareness of each planet’s potential and helped to dispel wrong perspectives that people had developed, and held on, about the planets (Trimble 19).

Information exist that demonstrate order in the universe, an arrangement whose existence is known but whose origin and history remains a mystery that only scientific research can unlock. The course has however, and through different approaches, been helpful in developing knowledge on the solar system. Its content that covers much information about the solar system has been informative, and independent research on emerging issues and concerns on existing theories on the solar system has improved my understanding of the system. One of the lessons that I have learnt about the universe is its long-term existence, dating back to more than 38 million years ago. I have also developed insights into forces around the universe that hat has sustained it (Trimble 37). In addition, I have developed great insights from the course with the need to preserve the universe as an important responsibility that human beings have. In understanding the role of the earth in the universe, the course has informed me of the need for human beings to be effectively involved in ensuring sustainability of the universe. Even though natural mechanisms exist, initiated and facilitated by different elements of the solar system, which ensures sustainability of the solar system, humans must play an active role in the sustainability through controlling

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