Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Essay On The Topic Growth Of Prostitution Industr

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Growth of Prostitution Industry.

The practices of prostitution go against the values of humanity, moral ethics, and social conducts. In many of the cases, the practices hold no place in religious circles throughout the world as well. Apart from that, there is a certain dislike and disapproval for such practices in different societal setups as well (Sander, pp. 170-171). The problem has acquired the status of a social reality that no one wishes to accept but cannot neglect as well. A particular school of thought believes that as it is a social reality so the societal setup has selected to accept it, nonetheless the practices and problems of prostitution violates codes of ethics and morality, serves as a disaster for society, and dishonor religious teachings as well.

The dilemma of prostitution has emerged as one of the most problematic situations across the globe. Unfortunately, the issue has a greater range of target audience as it renders significant damage not only to human and humanity but also to organizations and governments (Dominelli, pp. 65-92). The height of prostitution in any region depends upon certain factors. these factors include the number of prostitutes in the region, their consignment to such practices, the response of society in this regard, strength of link between such practices and other crimes as trafficking and drugs etc, and the position of prostitutes in the society. Such practices render very adverse effects on society. In order to understand completely that why prostitution is a provocative question and alarming problem these days, it is necessary to realize the grounds making this issue problematic.

One major concern that makes prostitution a problematic issue is the violation of ethics and moral values. The practices of prostitution are most likely to dishonor the moral and ethical standards of society (Doyle, 2009).

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