Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Treating Depression Pills Or T

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Treating depression; pills or talk therapy- or both.

They have the feeling of being rejected and they start acting as if they are an outcast.

It is a completely complex disease that occurs due to various reasons. Some of which are known and others are unknown. Some people experience depression as a sub effect of serious medical illness, while others experience depression as effect of life changes such as move or death of a loved one. Depression can also be hereditary to some extend especially when the family is having a history of depression. Various factors have contributed to the increased chances of depression, but the following are the most common causes: abuse – physical trauma, sexual, or emotional breakdown can cause depression. Certain medication – some drugs such the ARVs, the cancer drugs can increase individuals risk of depression. Death or loss ­- grief from loss of a loved one, even though the process in natural the emotional breakdown involved can be a greater cause of depression. Conflict – disputes and conflicts with family members can cause someone to be depressed. Substance abuse – studies indicate that approximately 30% of people having substance abuse problem suffers depression.

The most common symptom of depression nowadays is the feeling of hopelessness has discussed before. The feeling that you may never get help when you need it most, or the feeling that you have been occupied in a certain mental state. Major depression can be very harmful to your life especially when you fail to get help completely. It can also be incapacitating, or even a very dangerous disorder, which at its worst can lead to suicide.

Major depression often do get better on their own, but it can take a long period mostly six months or a year, and to some extend some symptoms can take as long as months or even years (Myers, 2011). It can be dealt with through treatment or therapy talk also known as Psychotherapy for depression. Adequate treatment of depression always shorten the time of

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