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Such materials become considered inappropriate for use in joints.

Mechanical characteristics – these materials must exhibit characteristics which enhance the functioning of the particular component which they are used to make. Tensile strength of materials, for example, remains an important characteristic for materials used in making the femoral stem of the artificial joint. The mechanical characteristics are the main causes of failures commonly observed in these joints.

Material density and reproducibility – this are an essential element of concern because of the need to make repairs to artificial joints that might be damaged. The prosthetic quality of the material must remain consistent in order to make repairing easy, should damage to the joint occur.

Magnetism – when seeking to establish an appropriate material for artificial hip replacement materials it is important to consider the magnetism of the materials. Material utilized for this function should not exhibit any ferromagnetic behaviors (Gibbons, 33). This is mainly because of the requirements to use MRI spectroscopy to study the joint in future. Magnetic materials make this spectroscopy method inapplicable.

Toxicity – artificial materials sometimes produce toxic substances which could affect the body parts. The reaction of some materials with the body parts commonly results in the generation of toxic substances which harm the body parts next to the artificial implant.

Femoral stem – the femoral stem fits into the femur bone. There is need to make considerations of the corrosion characteristics of the materials which are utilized in the manufacturing of the femoral stem. Cobalt chromium and titanium are the major alloy components for the material which is utilized for making this component. This alloy remains highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue which results from increased use of the

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