Need An Argumentative Essay On Research Paper And Works Cited Page On Hurricane

Need an argumentative essay on Research Paper and Works Cited page on hurricane sandy. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Power failures were noticed in different regions that were attacked by the storm. Approximately quarter of million people were affected by the problems related to the electricity. Authorities have reported that at least sixteen people have died in different states due to the storm (Borden 1).

The President has tagged it as a national disaster. Due to the storm many towns have been affected, which is giving an image of a ghost town. The storm was so powerful that it had affected the barriers and other deployments that were meant for protection. The residents of different towns claim that they have not seen such a storm in their lives. The storm had not only affected the lives of general people but along with it, it had also affected the political campaigns that were taking place. Many of the campaign events and voting centres were closed down due to the storms. Government and other such offices too were closed down so as to avoid casualties and other risks.

Major transportation systems were closed down and people whose lives were threatened by the storms were moved to safe areas by the authorities. In some states such as Washington the government employees were told to stay at safer places and announcements were made that certain and specific transportation services would be closed. Those passengers who were to travel by plane were also affected as their flights were cancelled due to the risks involved. Due to arrival of the storm major bridges were closed for cars and speed limits on the highways were reduced (Borden 1).

The arrival of the storm has influence many sectors of the society such as schools and universities even. Many other transportation service providers such as the cab drivers were charges extra fares. Similarly financial and other institutions that play a pivotal role were also affected and their operations were closed. However, President Obama cancelled all his campaign events, keeping in mind the problems that were caused by the storm.


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