Need An Argumentative Essay On Impressions And Thoughts On Weddings In Other Cul

Need an argumentative essay on Impressions and Thoughts on Weddings in other Cultures. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This ceremony is accompanied by music and dance and food. On the wedding day both the groom and the bride fast till the wedding is performed. In ancient days the wedding was performed late at night because people had to travel long distances on foot. The groom leaves in a procession known as ‘baraat’ for the wedding accompanied by relatives, friends and associates. The younger female members demand for gifts and block the path of the groom. On arrival at the bride’s place the groom of the feet are washed by the bride’s father, which is based on the principle that the groom is equivalent to God, typically Lord Shiva. The wedding rituals starts with worship of Lord Ganesh and this is performed at least 4-5 days in advance. This is a prayer to the Lord of Remover of Obstacles requesting His blessings that no obstacle should occur for the marriage. The wedding takes place under a canopy with fire as the witness. In ancient days the Indians worshipped the five elements as God. fire burns to ashes all that is not wanted and hence fire is kept as the witness. Fire also symbolizes the illumination of the mind, knowledge and happiness. The couple has to walk seven times round the fire each time taking a vow for the success of the marriage and their relationship. These seven vows are knows as the “saptapadi”. …

The “vidaai” ceremony or the departure of the bride with the groom is a touching moment when her parents and other relatives witness her leaving the parents’ home and start a new life. After some post-wedding rituals at the groom’s house, the bride comes back to her parents’ home for a short while before returning to her new home for the nuptial wedding night. The Chinese wedding comprises of the Proposal and Betrothal, the Chinese Wedding cakes, the Wedding Dowry, Bridal Bed Setting, Chinese Wedding Decorations, Wedding Day Ceremony, Wedding Door Game, Wedding Tea Ceremony, and the post wedding rituals (China Bridal, 2003). Here too like Indian weddings the ceremonies are divided into pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Usually a mediator communicates between the two families and the proposal is first placed before the groom’s family. If accepted, they send gifts to the bride’s family who respond. If it is positive from both ends, the day of the betrothal is decided. There is a lot of bargaining on the amount of goods and money that would have to be given to the girl’s family which is in contrast to the Indian customs where the bride’s family gives. The bridal cake received from the groom’s family is distributed to the relatives as an announcement of the wedding. The acceptance of the gifts by the bride’s family denotes that they have committed their girl to that boy in marriage. Inventoried dowry is then sent to the groom’s place which comprises of practical items to set up home.

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