I Will Pay For The Following Article Elearning In Qatar The Work Is To Be 6 Page

I will pay for the following article ELearning in Qatar. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This is further supported by the provision of wireless internet in form of WIFI in the academic institutes. Students have access to all the digital material, the necessary websites needed in the curriculum. The class environment is totally participative where the teacher and student both interact live via these gadgets. These gadgets have taken the place of conventional tools like calculators, measuring tapes, constructors, scales etcetera (Academy, 2011).

Qatar Academy is an example of its kind where the management is fully aware of the challenges faced in modern times and thereby has introduced systems that are according to the 21st century needs. Early education center provides the Montessori students and adaptable environment familiarizing them with digital devices. The instructors so inducted are all able personnel who have a grip on the subject. Qatar Academy is an example of the digital sense that is generating in the Qatar nation.

Overview of One to One computer initiatives from different countries around the world . Advantages and disadvantages. (One to One initiatives are projects where schools and governments give EACH student a computer to be used in classrooms for educational purposes). Singapore is a good example. Another example is Microsoft’s future schools in America. Please summaries other 5- 6 examples

IN modern times, the one to one interactive imitative has become essential part of educational environment. Many nations have already adapted this format of education where each student is provided with a single computer in the class room. The computers so provided are fully protected and contain only academic content related applications. The browsing is fully under control. Microsoft in this regard has taken an initiative in the African countries where one laptop is distributed per child and that laptop contains the basic elements for the students under the slogan of “One laptop per child” (Miller, 2007).

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