I Will Explain That I Need To Get As Following However Before You Start I Need T

Hi,I need help for the project.I explained everything on the attachments to be clear.Because this is project and need more explanation. That’s why I explained everything on the ” explanation about Final Project file” that is attached on that e-mail.Please read it and If you have any questions regarding for this project, please contact for assistance. Note: Attach explanation1. Explanation about final project doc is the explanation that I need to get from u.2. Learning Objectives doc is the review of the objectives that we already prepare for that project. You will use this part in the project’s tasks3. work_duties doc is the 1st task of the project you will review it and if you need to chance according to your work you will rework on it.4. APA present is the sample for the format of the project. If you need you can look at it.5. The rest of the attachments ( business case doc, project proposal, project, interview ) is the my previous works for the other classes. I attached on that mail just because i thought that you can use those information on that project and also you can get an idea about which company I work for. This is important because you can get lots of information related maybe. I mean you are free to use all of those information.I am waiting your respond and bidBest regards,Nurdan Ozturk949 290 8586

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