Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Paper On The Topic Mobilize Human Resources And O

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Mobilize Human Resources and Organization in Disney. However, people are not ready to change easily. In order to mobilize human resources, an organization needs a systematic approach, based on strategy and structure. People differ in their motives and values. So a company needs such a framework for human mobilization that provides opportunities for all the individual variations. The experience has shown that a successful mobilization should be based on the seven infrastructures, including goal setting, origination setting, training, promotion, incentives, and rewards, as well as diagnosis and monitoring and diffusion of success stories (Kelner 2000, p. 26). One should add proper conflict management to the list. These infrastructures demonstrate that a successful business relies on communication of its mission to all its employees, on almost ‘infecting’ people with the same ideas and visions, which is achieved through proper training and promotion, incentives and rewards, monitoring and management. It is the only possible way to build a strong corporate culture. The Walt Disney Company’s management seems to know some magic recipe of bringing up the best personnel, loyal to the organization and able to provide the customer service of the highest quality. The Walt Disney Company is a real leader in the field of human resources management.

Human motives and values are the major buttons to be pushed in order to mobilize the best potential of the employees. People’s values change during life. motives, as a rule, remain unchanged. Motivational theorists found out that 80% of people’s daily mental activity relates to one of three motives, today called “the three social motives”, these being achievement, affiliation, and power (Kelner 2000, p. 29). People are driven by these motives and the task of a manager is to create appropriate situations, the conditions in which people could actively realize their intentions and desires.&nbsp.

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