Hi I Need Help With Essay On Strategic Plan Critique Paper Must Be At Least 500

Hi, I need help with essay on STRATEGIC PLAN CRITIQUE. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The company’s strategic plan is formulated to address the current threats / issues concerning the industry as well as the company as a whole, such as its weaker presence in the social networking segment, low integration of the wide range of services provided, technical barriers resulting in outdated links, network scams, environmental issues etc. These issues are aptly tackled by the company management by using its internal strengths of manpower, intellectual knowhow and widespread popularity to leverage its brand value and maximize customer satisfaction at the same time working closely with the company’s vision, mission and values.

This strategic planning process is vital for all organizations as it helps them in identifying the various threats and opportunities in the industry as well as provides them with adequate data about its internal strengths and weaknesses to address such issues posed by the macro economic environment. This paper discusses the various problems, issues as well as threats concerning the industry as well as the company as a whole and assesses the strategic planning process identified by the management to address those issues.

The Pedigree Grooming and Boarding Company based in New Mexico, is dedicated to providing value based services to the dog show competitors. The various issues concerning the company currently, includes the change in ownership, economic distress of the customers, high competition, pricing policies and relative inexperience of the new owner in this field. These problems are intended to be addressed by adopting new pricing policies, expanding its service line, employee development through rigorous training, and setting achievable yet competitive targets. This strategic plan is designed appropriately that seeks to target the most crucial aspects of the business and is in line with the overall goals, vision and mission of the

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