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From this paper it is clear that the linkword method, on the other hand, involves using images to link a word in a learner’s first language with a word in the foreign language the learner is learning. For example if an English speaker is learning French the instructor would provide the learner with an image of the object and its English word, and then link it with a French word for the image. In Krashen’s theory of second language acquisition there are five main hypotheses used to understand the process of language acquisition/language learning. These hypotheses are the acquisition-learning hypothesis, the monitor hypothesis, the natural order hypothesis, the input hypothesis and the affective filter hypothesis. According to the paper these three methods have advantages and drawbacks. There are certain fundamental principles that ensure success of TPR as a learning activity during the process of language learning. These principles are built upon the second language acquisition theory by Stephen Krashen. The first principle states a language can be learned easier when a student can be in a position to receive a lot of comprehensible input from the natural surrounding. Comprehensible input means something that is simply understandable through communication which Krashen commonly refers to as the communicative act. The second principle is that a language learner benefits greatly from a ‘silent period’ during the learning process. The silent period is the period when the learner tries to understand and to respond to language instructions without attempting to speak. The silent period is natural and language learners speak only when language has fully developed in their brain. A learner will undergo a process of learning where he/she just receives input but stays for a certain period of time before they can speak the language.

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