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Group Portion1.  Each of you is to research a multinational company. Individually, each of you chooses a multinational company, and does research on it. Each student shares the findings with the rest of the group.  You will provide information on your case study to the group in the format agreed upon by the group, e.g., as a list, in a few paragraphs, as done in the weekly discussion board primary posting (which may be the easiest way to do it, but it’s the group’s choice). The case studies (meaning the companies) are your choice. You need a company that has branches/restaurants in other countries. The most common companies are fast food restaurants, but keep in mind that equipment companies such as John Deere, Caterpillar; travel companies such as American Express; and car companies, as well as certain non-profits like Red Cross, are are overseas. Remember that this is a cross-cultural experience for the company.  It’s leaving the US and going into a different/new cultural setting.  Good resources for the companies, as well as some case studies on how a particular company integrated into the new culture and/or adapted would be business books.  You can do internet searches with such key words as working in diverse/international settings. challenges to working in international settings, working internationally, cross-cultural relations in the workplace, working in culturally diverse settings, working in international settings. Remember that diversity is also used in the US meaning, employees of diverse backgrounds here in the US.

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