Need An Argumentative Essay On Group Project 2 Needs To Be 1 Pages Please No Pla

Need an argumentative essay on Group Project 2. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It is the role of the appropriate staff to take steps to correct a problem and to prevent a recurrence through implementation of the recommendations arising from investigation. Once the incident is detected, it should be assessed, categorized, prioritized, and queued for appropriate action. After that, a research should be conducted about the incident. on what had happened and who has been affected, etc. Incidence response requires taking necessary actions, to resolve the issue, by doing all that is necessary (Reilly, 2003).

CERT receives an incident report through the incident handling system via various means of communication such as a phone call, walk-in reports, e-mail, fax and websites among others. The team usually consolidates the reporting channels, especially using the e-mail. The system formally registers the report by linking it to some Alphanumerical reference to enable easy management in the future. The system should be protected against spam and implementing pre-filtering mechanisms.

An incident should then be verified and classified according to the information on the report. The incidents vary in severity (very high include DDoS, high include Trojan distribution and normal include spam). An incident should then be assigned to an incident handler. Incident resolution is administered next, towards realizing the desired result. Data is collected from those affected. through the exchange of ideas, some of those that are concrete and practical enough to be implemented are set for the different parties (Reilly,

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