Need An Argumentative Essay On Compare Contrast On Movie The Bucket List Needs T

Need an argumentative essay on Compare & Contrast on movie The Bucket List. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The following essay aims at highlighting the differences and similarities between Edward Cole and Carter Chambers.‎

Edward Cole was a billionaire, a wealthy man who made business out of nothing. He owned the ‎hospital that he and Mr Chambers were receiving treatments in. Mr. Cole made his fortune in the health ‎industry as shown in movie, that he earlier was presenting his case on making patients share one room, ‎and also the expenditure that he bourn for the travelling. A self-centred man, who did not like sharing ‎his hospital room with Carter, and also, when Thomas served his lavish dinner, he made no sharing offer ‎to his room-mate. Also, when Carter felt the chills at night, he ignored and kept on sleeping .While on the other hand, Mr. Chambers was an ordinary mechanic who spent his life under the ‎cars, fixing them. Yet, Mr. Chambers was blessed with extraordinary love and knowledge of history.

Like shown in the movie, Mr. Chambers knew the answers to every question which the fellow mechanic ‎asked from a book, and also, at different points in movie, when he knew the answers to all the berries ‎shown on hospital TV. While Edward was ignorant, Carter did opposite to what Edward did. When ‎Edward felt chilly, he called over the nurse to drug Edward for a peaceful sleep.‎

Edward Cole was a materialist man. He earlier was shown arguing over the fact that there is no ‎harm in making the patients share a room together as he said “he was running a healthcare and not a ‎health spa”. It was his theory that “one room two beds” allowed better accommodation. And also on ‎the list, he had all materialistic items such as having a tattoo and skydiving. Mr. Cole was also not a firm ‎believer of god, whom he called “biggie” on his first flight with Carter.‎

Mr. Chambers was extreme opposite in viewing life. He viewed life deeply and from a different lens ‎altogether. He although was a

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