Loggers Are Training For A 5km Run Over A Perlod Of 5 Weeks Wh D1 Two Weeks Show

Please me with this questions. I have a startling point or idea of how to solve these questions, but I get stuck. for example for the jogger question, do I just set up a bar graph?

or would I have to do subtraction?

loggers are training for a 5km run over a perlod of 5 weeks. Wh|d1 two weeks show thelgreatest Increase in distance from the previous week’iI a. Weeks 3 and 2b. Weeks 4 and 2o Weeks 5 and 3d . Weeksdand 2 An lngredlents label question: It asks to compare a protein to sodium ratio and to chose thelowest possible sodlum or protein one. I don’t remember if it was sodium or proteln but theratlos look IIke thls: Protelh to sodium: 1?}‘541 13,!39 183’31 1?}‘69 So, what do I do here to compare the ratios; do I make all of the denominators the same, or to;to do a unlt rate?

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