I Will Pay For The Following Essay Short Essays The Essay Is To Be 3 Pages With

I will pay for the following essay Short essays. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In order to deliver thoughts evocatively, language must be used effectively ensuring that word meaning and sentence meaning is correct or aligns to the thoughts. Similarly, using the correct language leads to better understanding of concepts. Better understanding of concepts in turn triggers better thinking and formulation of ideas. Good language is characterized by clarity and preciseness. Language with these characteristics makes it easy for a speaker to pass their thoughts as they are in his/her mind. Besides benefiting the speaker, a good language also helps the listeners since they are able to understand the message well and hence can develop more thoughts on their own (Chaffee 269).

In conclusion, for a speaker to share their thoughts clearly they must have a good command of language. The correct language to use differs depending on the thought, the listeners, and the surrounding. Choosing words correctly is an important aspect in language, and it helps convert thoughts into an understandable message. Therefore, language and thoughts are closely related and highly integrated for there to meaningful communication.

Critical thinking refers to careful exploration of the thinking process to create a better understanding and induce intelligent decision-making (Chaffee 51). For one to be a critical thinker there must have certain qualities such as insightfulness, creativity, passion, open-mindedness and high mental activity. Critical thinking is influenced by various surrounding and personal aspects of a person. The experiences that one has gone through can make them a better critical thinker or can destroy their ability to think critically. Similarly, emotions of a person have the capacity to influence their ability to think critically.

A child that has grown through traumatizing experiences cannot be compared to a child who has never

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