I Will Pay For The Following Essay How Would The Likely Discovery Of Aliens Stri

I will pay for the following essay How would the likely discovery of aliens strike controversy among religions. The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

their existence, the fact that an alien visit may occur or human-alien encounter may be a possibility has led to panic from different quarters including religion. Movies and fictions films have continued to portray different picture of the events that may precede the invasion and how human and the aliens may relate during the process. Movies like the Independence Day and the visitors point at a negative image towards the encounter as the two forms of life may be keen to outdo each other on warfare and intelligence (Smith-Christopher 15).

Apart from the war and intelligence impacts of alien strike, the impacts of such a possibility on religion has remained raw on theologizes and faithful alkies. According to the biblical teaching, man created human beings in his own likeness and no other forms of life are mention. This possibility could affect the faith of people in their religion and impact significantly to a shift especially in if the intelligence of the aliens is beyond that of human beings. In this paper, the impacts of an alien strike on religion across the globe will be examined. The paper will evaluate available theoretical discourse on the topic and how films and movies have depicted the reactions of Christians to alien invasion (Smith-Christopher 15).

Within different religious groupings, the belief that a spiritual being out there is tasked with the role of ensuring our wellbeing has dominated since the history of man. The actions of religious leaders are believed to be under the command of the Supreme Being and this enable them to tell us the nature of the spirits and their impacts on life. The catholic church for, for example, has always expressed its zeal to impose monotheism in the world which is based on the trinity (Dunning 21).

To achieve this, the church adopted a ruthless approach that suppressed the polytheists in Europe and the smaller kingdoms in the region. Among the Judeo-Christian, the possibility of the presence of a small but powerful

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