I Will Pay For The Following Essay How Does The Concept Of Organisational Commun

I will pay for the following essay HOW DOES THE CONCEPT OF ORGANISATIONAL COMMUNICATION IMPACT THE MODERN DAY TOURISM MANAGER IN TERMS OF ASSISTING COMMERCIAL SUCCESS. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Even organisations in today’s time appreciate the benefits of holidays on an employee’s mind and body and thus provide them with various travel allowances.

Travel Genie is a world recognized travel and tourism management company that operates almost in all places around the world. Travel Genie is a cross border player and drive efficiency across the industry through proficient systems and service standards. Apart from quality service, the key to Travel genie’s success is its team of dedicated, and highly trained members. At Travel Genie to a certain extent the planning and the decision making process is centralised. However every individual in the hierarchy willfully comes up with suggestions to bring about increased productivity. Though every single member of the organization has an important role to play, it is the tourism managers who bear the maximum responsibility for turning the business into a commercial success. One of most important criteria for bringing about success in tourism is communication. Below is a part of the organisational structure that elaborates on the details of the managerial hierarchy at Travel Genie.

Effective strategy building can take a business to the higher levels of success and the travel industry is no exception. The managers at Travel Genie have to do a lot of brainstorming and come up with extraordinary commercial marketing strategies and when it comes to marketing, communication plays a very significant role in the travel and tourism industry. The communications manager is the key to transferring information from one party to another. Many a times it happens that information is transferred however the recipient cannot appreciate the information. Thus such transfer of information or data is not communication. It is the responsibility of the communications manager to make sure that all information and data are transferred on the right, to the right person and the

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