I Will Pay For The Following Essay Aldi Supermarket The Essay Is To Be 4 Pages W

I will pay for the following essay Aldi supermarket. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In Aldi product innovation could be related to the introduction of products that do not currently exist in the UK supermarket industry, even if their differentiation from the industry’s existing products would be small: for example, an energy drink of different ingredients depending on the status of health and the age of consumers would be a product that meets the terms of product differentiation.

Through product differentiation Aldi could manage to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage, i.e. an advantage that ‘cannot be copied by competition’ (Lamb et al. 2011, p.42). For developing a sustainable competitive advantage Aldi should try to ensure that its products are aligned with the needs of the local market and that they could attract the interest of local consumers (West et al. 2010). this means that the advantage of the firm’s products towards them of its competitors should be clear to the consumers.

Another approach that Aldi would use for acquiring a sustainable competitive advantage would be the following: the firm could use social marketing, which ‘promotes behaviours that provide well-being for individuals or for society’ (Kapoor and Kulshrestha 2013, p.10). For example, Aldi could use its marketing campaign for increasing the awareness of people on the health consequences of the consumption of milk-based products. Of course, other strategies, for acquiring a sustainable competitive advantage would be also available to Aldi: for example, by decreasing the price of a specific category of products would result to a sustainable competitive advantage for Aldi, even in the short term (Lamb 2012).

In the context of marketing, a PEST analysis is a valuable tool for assessing the status of a particular market, i.e. to identify the market’s current performance in regard to one or more industries. In addition PEST analysis can help to check the prospects of a market, i.e. its potentials for growth in the future, as related to a series of

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