Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic South China Sea And The Possib

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic South China Sea and the possible construct of a multi-national joint force command.

The study was undertaken through a qualitative analysis approach. The analysis was aimed at answering the question will multi-national joint force enable global unity? If so, what ways can we use to undertake the process. Information from previous sources concerning the same issue was used to come up with constructive details to answer this question.

The independent variables identified were the multi-national force whereas global development depended on the national relationships between different countries in order for peace and harmony to prevail. Scholarly articles by distinguished researchers on the area were thoroughly relied on to bring out a clear picture.

The study will aim at identifying the relationship between the multi-national joint force and its impact on the future stability on the world’s economy and security. The results that will be obtained will be useful in making amendments to daily decision in regard to the future prediction.

Another objective of the study will be recognizing the factors in organizing the multi-national joint force to ensure that the interests of the affected countries are considered. The results that will be obtained will be used to ensure that necessary amendments are put into place for the equity of all parties involved.

The hypothesis developed suggests that there exists a significant relationship between multi-national partnership between different countries and the stability of the future world’s economy and security.

Due to the increasing and high probability that tension will continue in the South China Sea region, there is need to determine the impact of constructing a multinational national joint force structure on the world’s future stability. United States’ engagement in military, economic and social involvement with the pacific region has a positive impact. Various researches have been conducted to identify the

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