Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic What And Answer Questions And

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic What and answer questions and your personal reactions.

The similarities in all the children is the undying love that they receive from their parents and the parents’ desire to raise healthy and happy children. All these children live in an environment where raising children is focused on making sure that they get enough sleep, that they get enough amount of food to eat, and that they fit in with the older siblings.

In all the scenarios, it is clear that babies learn from their surrounding environment. They learn from what they see, for example, a baby seeing people eating from one communal pot or seeing people slaughtering a goat from the dirt gets to learn how life works in his surroundings. In all the scenarios mothers are seen to be primarily in charge of child care. For example, the documentary shows the US mother busy in the kitchen and the Mongolian mother milking. The documentary also shows the mothers engage more with their offsprings while doing something else.

When looking at the four children, they are raised in very different social-cultural environment where in the case of Ponijao, he is raised in a dirsty village. His family lives in log hut that has clay roofs. They do not have any carpets of any form of barrier between bare bottoms and the dirt. He lives in an environment where people sit on the ground. The culture in this community is where women have the primary role of taking care of the children and doing the daily chores of the homes. The women tie their babies on the side or on their back as they do their work. Men do not play a big role in rearing children on a day to day basis as it is seen in this documentary. Older children are the once who take the responsibilities of acting like the role models and teach them on how they can fit in the society. This is clearly seen in the opening scene of the documentary where an older Ponijao is seen seated next to an infant grinding rocks on a

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