Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic A Comparison And Contrast Of D

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic A Comparison and Contrast of de Beauvior and Kaufman.

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The first level of comparison can, of course, be seen with regards to the fact that Kaufman immediately cuts to the heart of the matter with regards to how society sees and understands the violent male ego stop within the very first paragraph, Kaufman elaborates upon the fact that the male ego is seen systemically as directly responsible and oftentimes hold mobile for some of the more base and horrifying actions that are exhibited within society as a whole. The pervasive and societal understandings of these aspects of masculinity are related by the somewhat profane discussion of what differentiates “raping from fucking”. Says Kaufman, “It was simple: with rape, you tied the woman to a tree” (Kaufman, 1994). However, Kaufman goes on to the state of this early representation of the way that societal interpretations impacted upon him. both then and now: “at that time the anatomical details were still a little vague. yet, it was still something ‘we’ did” (Kaufman, 1994). Within such a quote, the reader can come to the clear and definitive understanding that the social norms and gender dynamics that defined masculinity/femininity and/or man and woman were quickly learned and integrated with (albeit in a flawed manner) by the young author and his friend. This, of course, helps to underscore an understanding with regards to the overall importance that the flawed and patently incomplete understanding of gender norms affects upon each and every layer of society. regardless of age or level of understanding. Much the same way, de Beauvior discusses the means by which societal interpretations of femininity and womanhood have fundamentally been flawed and traditionally experienced high level of repression and discrimination. Although it is not necessary to launch into a step-by-step discussion and enumeration upon each of these forms of discrimination, the fact of the matter is that the reader of de Beauvior’s piece can immediately calm to the interpretation that femininity and womanhood is oftentimes been defined within the same negative stereotypes that have been attributed to Africans and/or Jews.

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