Hi I Need Help With Essay On Mph503 Paper Must Be At Least 2500 Words Please No

Hi, I need help with essay on MPH503. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The classroom contains 20 care giving professionals with different socio –economic backgrounds. Participants have different IQ level and motor sensory skills Because of this the presentation of the class should satisfy all the participants. External environment provides immense help for the participants and the use of audio visual facilities make the more appreciative. Discussion method is suited for this context and this give the opportunity to share personal views. Lecturing and video conferencing are essential strategies in this context. Paper presentation is another instructional strategy in this context because the subject requires examples and statistical data. Case study reports are essential tool in this study and participants should presents case study reports about the persons who suffered with infertility problem. The following instructional tools are useful.

The workshop begins with a brief and effective introduction and this help the listeners to enter the topic easily. Then the performer analyses the topic infertility and its causes and gender differences. After the introduction performer presents various research reports and documents about the topic. Then he invites participants for open discussion. The use of LCD projector and internet are very useful in this second face of the workshop. Presentation of the case study reports helps the participants more about social, religious, family issues related with infertility. The third face of the work shop includes discussion about various topics such as Causes of infertility, psychological and physiological impacts, possible treatments, public concepts about infertility treatments and gender difference in infertility.

Researches often mentioned the fact that many people have suffered with infertility and its social impacts. Most of the physicians and health professionals argued that infertility is one of the

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