Hi I Need Help With Essay On International Terror Paper Must Be At Least 1000 Wo

Hi, I need help with essay on International Terror. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Hindu. Chinese (Sinic). Orthodox. African. Japanese

The Western: currently, the west dominates each aspect of international activity from politics to economy since it’s been very active in establishing the international organizations like IMF, UN and WTO among others. For example, the west has 3 seats out of 5 Security Council of the United Nations. It also promotes IMF economic policies and enforces them on other states. Other emerging powers like China will not accept to be regarded as inferior or be imposed upon some institutions. Possible outcomes are. that nations will seclude themselves from western polices like N.Korea is doing. “band-wagon” implying that nations will join nations that are on the rise in terms of values and institutions for example Turkey is joining the EU. and lastly countries will seek to counter- balance in terms of military and economy against the west i.e. Modernizing and not Westernizing.

Islam: the Islam is increasing very dramatically and adopting the non western civilization and reiterating the quality of their own society. This does not means that Islamic nations won’t modernize, but will do so in ways unreceptive to the western. This is because they control important oil sources and are growing very fast demographically.

Latin America: this includes the nations of South America. The conflict from this will basically from the religious point of view especially the Catholics and orthodox. However in other policies, the Latino Americans support the U.S policies which are aimed at strengthening international democracy, trade and investments. Brazil is considered a success in democracy.

Hindu: religion is what the Hindus and Arabs have in common that distinguishes them from the Africans and the west. This is a culture of religion that originates from India. India is described as a torn Nation by Huntington and its alignment could fall in the “west vs.

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