Hi I Need Help With Essay On Business Code Of Ethics Paper Must Be At Least 1250

Hi, I need help with essay on Business Code of Ethics. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

PhD., “Ethical Issues”).

During the last staff meeting, my staff supervisor takes me aside in order to report that she caught four of our regularly employed on site caregivers gossiping about their wards inability to control their bladder and bowel functions and how they hated havign to clean up their wards and that they could not help but scold them for making such a mess of themselves at their ages. They bragged about often getting away with holding snacks, meals, and desserts from their ward in order to “teach them a lesson” . A closer investigation using surveillance video on the supervisors part shows that these particular employees regularly verbally abuse and indirectly physically assault their patients.

As the owner and president of this company. It is my duty to ensure that my geriatric residents are treated properly and fairly. More importantly, I must guard against any abuses of their rights and privileges as a human being. Knowing fully well that there are state and national laws against such abuses, my license will now be on the line and could be taken away from me at any given time should any of my employees be caught in the act of abusing a patient. It is up to me to put an end to the abuse before a relative of the resident discovers the situation and takes legal action against the employee and my company. I must therefore take our company Code of Ethics into consideration when deciding as to how to deal with the erring caregivers. After all, a violation of a company code of ethics should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

I understand that all of my employees shall come to me with a theoretical and practical knowledge of how to care for senior residents. However, not all of them will have the psychology training that is required for this type of specialized care. Therefore, it is incumbent upon me to provide them with the guidelines pertaining to proper

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