Hi I Need Help With Essay On Activity 6 Exploring Public Perception And News Med

Hi, I need help with essay on Activity 6: Exploring Public Perception and News Media Connections. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Upon introduction, I was warmly attended to and given a go ahead to say my problem. When I requested to speak with the head teacher, I was told to only hold on for one minute to be connected. True to her words, I got an ample opportunity to I speak to the Head Master. After making my inquiry, I was impressed to get feedback promptly. Just like his secretary, the Head Master gave me the best service so far. This is a very common practice in the school since the management always insists on establishing a good rapport with the community. Obviously, the only way to accomplish it is to promote effective communication between the school management and the community members.

The kind of service granted to me on this day was so excellent. Usually, many people do complaint about arrogant school administrators who rudely respond to phone calls. Such situation even worsens when a community member decides to contact school to lodge complaints. Such people are always mistreated and not listened to at all. However, this does not apply to Murrell Tailor Elementary School in which community members are regarded as important stakeholders who have significant contributions to make towards the development of the school (Robbins, S. et al., 2011).

In this regard, I would like to recommend Murrell Tailor Elementary School in entirety for grooming such a staff. Once I could be listened to and be given such a quality service, I have no doubt that even learners are granted the same treatment. The manner in which the community members are handled whenever they seek to contact schools determine the success of such schools (Robbins, S. et al., 2011). I was particularly impressed by theses staff members for considering me as part of the school. Showing concern for my personal issue implies that I would be offered the same treatment had I contacted the school to air any grievance. It made me happier because, as an educator,

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