I Will Pay For The Following Essay Identify Why International Firms Are Showing

I will pay for the following essay Identify why International firms are showing increasing interests in corporate social responsibility& corporate governance.Identify strategic issues in particular are involved in addressing CSG issues& evaluate via theoretical perspectives. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

There are a number of goals that drive businesses into engaging in corporate citizenship. However, the key objective behind the activity relates to the establishment of sustainable businesses, which, in fact, need healthy communities, markets and economies. Some of the drivers of corporate social responsibility include enlightened self interest, social investment, trust and transparency, and increased expectations of enterprises by the public according to ASOCIO (2004).

There are various approaches that corporate entities can take in regard to social responsibility. While for example some will opt for philanthropy, others will opt for a community-based development approach. Yet again, others will prefer to go the Creating Shared Value (CSV) way. Whichever method or approach is assumed however, the organisation somehow commits some of its resources for the good of other parties as earlier mentioned.

Research on corporate social responsibility (CSR) has blossomed in the 21st century. There is also an increased interest on the topic by different firms and people as seen in table 1. This is attributed to various factors like pressure exerted on organisations to demonstrate high ethical standards and the increasing concern about CSR expressed by policy makers. Firms from developing countries are driven by heightened demands on forms exporting to their products to Europe and other western countries do document their compliance to high ethical standards so as to be competitive.

Generally, various organisations develop and express CSR because of various factors that can be summarised as internal and external factors. In this paper, three international companies namely Monsanto Company, Microsoft Corporation and Coca Cola Company will be used to illustrate the various arguments. All the three companies already have a CRS in place. The purpose of this report is to analyze why international firms are showing increasing

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