Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Report On Firms Csr Ethics In L

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Report on firms CSR/Ethics.

In light of the firm’s international operations, AC respects employees’ local cultures, customs and laws. Mechanisms to avoid conflicts are put in place, as well as creation of a work environment that reflects the firm’s values and the employees’ considerations. Notably, the firm is committed to upholding equity and equality in its human resource operations in terms of gender. It promotes the building of the next generation of women leaders to achieve competitiveness through gender balance (HP Newsroom 2008).

The firm prioritises the welfare of the customers as depicted by elaborate measures and policies to ensure proper and useful interactions with the customers. AC exemplifies this through constructive customer liaison support programmes, provision of training courses and innovation forums for their customers drawn from all over the world (Autonomy 2012). As part of the larger HP (its parent company), AC maintains a set policies which entail high quality products, responsible marketing, fair market competition and responsible and appropriate pursuit of business intelligence (HP 2010, pp. 13-14). Closely related to treatment of the customers, AC sticks to an informed supply chain policy. This policy has borne fruits, enabling the firm to lead the sector in publishing details of its major suppliers and, thus, ensuring integrity and transparency (Farra 2008). Hence, the firm has hit the headlines for getting supplier treatment right.

Objectivity demands that another perspective of AC’s ethical and CSR disposition be discussed. However, there is lack of independent and credible sources discrediting the firm’s efforts as discussed above. Sparse informal websites bear information about maltreatment of AC employees, for instance Glassdoor.com. In the broader HP setting, such allegations on ethical infractions are addressed through focus groups within the workforce, besides requiring that all branches,

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