I Will Pay For The Following Essay Write A Criminal Sentence Reduction Letter Th

I will pay for the following essay Write a Criminal Sentence Reduction Letter. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

This letter thus pleads for leniency in his sentencing on the basis that he has no prior criminal record and his remorseful about the incident. That the jury was also convinced after a few hours of deliberations that the accused did not intentionally end the life of his victim also shows that it was actually an accident and the accused did not have any malice aforethought (Spohn 25).

The defendant being my cousin, I have known him since his childhood. In this period, he has been a law-abiding citizen who has never had any encounter with the criminal justice system on account of a crime or other acts of disorderliness. I can therefore confidently vouch for his good character that has seen him go through the school system to reach college. As a college student, the defendant has been a rather productive and positive member of society, particularly in assisting and advising younger children in the family and the neighborhood on their educational endeavors and career choices. From his productivity in the community, it is thus understandable that the defendant made a mistake in his actions that led to the death of the victim. Understandably, the many instances he has served the community positively make him a worthy consideration for leniency.

This letter thus requests the defendant’s sentencing to be reduced on grounds of his good character and behavior prior to the commission of the crime and his remorse for the crime committed. Additionally, while under police custody, the accused has also shown considerably good conduct by indulging in religion,-, education-, and work-related activities and responsibilities (Lawyers.com 3). Furthermore, while under custody, he has continued to engage in training activities that could be useful after his release. If his sentence is reduced and he is released early, there are many good nurtured family members and friends who will support him financially, socially, and emotional to help him recover

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