Hi I Need Help With Essay On For Applying Mba Programme And Master In Finance Pr

Hi, I need help with essay on For applying MBA programme and Master in Finance programme. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In order to accomplish this goal, I have taken the opportunity to serve as an intern for a number of different businesses and organizations. Some of my most valuable intern experiences have been in surprising places. These internships have helped me to grow and mature. I can say that I know myself better now as a result of this work.

I have always been highly motivated by money. I do not feel that this is something I need to apologize for. I love capitalism and feel that it is the very foundation of freedom throughout the world. Without capitalism, there is no real democracy. As a result, I have always measured my career goals and my level of success by the amount of income and investment potential each possible career could offer. Perks of the position mean very little to me. My career is going to be my life, so I do not care about time off, special parking spaces or the latest technological gadget. I want to earn money and I am willing to work hard to get it.

My first internship was in a bank. I shadowed a loan officer for several weeks and thought I would lose my mind with boredom. I found the process to be fascinating but redundant. There seemed to be very little variety in the job. When my mentor shared the salary range, I knew that this was not the work for me. I was able to work then for a national financial services company that provided guidance to massive institutional investors. Working with vast sums of money was so exciting yet humbling. I couldn’t help but feel I was out of my league. The thing with this job was that everyone there seemed to make me want to feel like I was out of my league. The work environment was competitive and stressful.

My final, and most powerful internship was with a moderately sized non-profit institution. Learning about non-profit financing and business administration was actually quite interesting. What made an unexpected impact on me was the amount of good that this non-profit

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