Hi I Need Help With Essay On 4 Books On Writing Comedy Screen Plays Paper Must B

Hi, I need help with essay on 4 books on writing comedy screen plays. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This author explains the core components of comedy, as the author himself loves to read the funny aspects of books and to watch various funny movies. John Vorhaus emphasizes that the screen play writers should be creative and free from all the fears and troubles so that one should be able to develop appropriate comedian writing skills, which will help them to produce comedy, work. He has also provided various tools and comedy writing techniques in this book. (Vorhous, 1994)

The screenplay that makes a person laugh is the successful piece of comedy. These screenplays have certain aspects which are important. Such secrets of screenplays which involve the excellent comedy work are given by the author Stuart Voytilla in his book of Writing the Comedy Film. He further describes as to how to create a good comedy and how to be successful in writing or producing various comedy plays. This book provides tips for writing comedy screen plays and teaches how to be creative through the way of comedian world. It consists of all the detailed facts and figures of comedy that helps its learners to understand the concept of screenplay writings in a better manner (Voytilla, 2002).

Billy Mernit in his book describes the simple ways indicating how to write the romantic-comedy screen plays as he observed that it was the need of the upcoming generation. He has mentioned “seven basic romantic comedy beats” and five ways through which a person can learn to write the romantic comedy screen plays. This book is helpful for those who are interested in producing romantic comedy plays. it consists of the basic concepts of creating romantic comedy. The author also provides the history of romantic comedy in his book which gives a better understanding to the readers. This book provides it readers the right path when there is no way out of creating

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