In The Book Natural Capitalism Hawken Et Al The Authors Talk About The Fact That

In the book Natural Capitalism, Hawken et al, the authors talk about the fact that many natural resources are priceless because they are becoming scarce and have few, if any, substitutes. The authors continue by alleging that many companies are degrading the earth’s natural capital “…by the wasteful use of such resources as energy, materials, water, fiber, and topsoil.”The implication is that companies should be more careful and accountable of natural resource use. Interestingly, being more careful and accountable may save the company money. In the discussion, please address the following points.1) How would you recommend that companies be more careful and accountable?2) How can companies save money by being more careful and accountable?3) How do companies ensure that the raw materials, materials and component parts they purchase have been produced or manufactured responsibly?4) It would be helpful if you can provide an example to back up your commentsmust be 500-600 words with APA citations.

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