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Conversely, the mother (Mrs. Anderson), a fifty-year old woman works on a part-time basis at one of the state’s top accounting firm. An accountant by profession, she is meticulous about how she runs the household. The fact that her work is part-time gives her plenty of free time to oversee the daily running of the household, which is her primary responsibility. Her income. therefore, supplements her husband’s, and is used to foot bills incurred by daily amenities. The eldest of the children (Alvin), a twenty-six year old boy, is currently in his final year of medical school at one of the state’s prestigious universities. Due to his highly engaging academic course and nature of his work, he lives closer to the education institution, which is in close proximity of the hospital he is undertaking his residency. Despite his hectic schedule, he visits his parents every fortnight. The second born (Grace), a twenty-three year old girl, is currently in her third year of a four-year program studying economics. She also does not live at home, as her school is slightly far away from her parents’ place of residence. Unlike her brother, she visits her parents each weekend. The third born (Nicole), a twenty-year old girl is currently a freshman undertaking an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. Her demanding course also compelled her to opt to live in school. She moved out of the household six months ago after it became difficult to commute to school daily.

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