Hi Need To Submit A 1750 Words Essay On The Topic Proposal For Callingyou Inc Th

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Proposal for Callingyou Inc.

The Company provides 24 / 7 support, staff rotates in shifts, centralized administration is recommended to configure multiple accounts on each workstation, and this enables every employee to log in the computer with his / her own credentials.

Topology is the framework of any network. Star topology is recommended for the current network design. It is the most widely adopted topology. The star topology supports the centralized provision of network resources and services. The support staff can manage the network administrative and troubleshooting tasks centrally. Star topology helps to implement centralized security architecture for improved and enhanced security of the network. The network implementation cost can be saved by provisioning the core systems located centrally. The security controls and backup systems are also located centrally for better troubleshooting and management.

Data communication network requires a carrier for transportation of data. A simple definition is available on ‘www. T1definition.com’ that says “A T-1 line is a dedicated data line that transmits data at the speed of 1.544 megabits per second (mbps). This translates to a speed that is 27 times faster than a 56k dial-up modem, which means that multiple people can access the Internet simultaneously”. T1 consists of total 24 channels that can be used as 24 different channels for voice or data. However, 24 simultaneously logical connections can be established. A dedicated T1 line can support up to 50 to 100 users on the network.

The dedicated T1 carrier is implemented to synchronize traffic within the two remote sites for Calling You Inc. Furthermore, another carrier is requisite for internal communication of the network. Data transmission is conducted on a Category 5 cables for the current network design. CAT-5 is in the form of twisted pairs. However, the cable consists of 4 copper wire pairs, connecting the

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