Hi I Need Help With Essay On Paris Convention Bureau Has To Attract Bmw For Thei

Hi, I need help with essay on Paris Convention Bureau has to attract BMW for their new exhibition. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

ventions and Exhibitions (MICE) form the prosperous sectors within the tourism industry with a rapid rate of growth compared to other sectors in tourism. It is widely known for its capability of drawing a large amount of revenues to a city or town either directly or indirectly (Girod, 2009).

Taking the case of Paris, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau plays an important role in facilitating and marketing the city to potential visitors and tourists through its contribution to the MICE industry For instance, Paris city receives more than twenty seven million visitors annually. Visitors enjoy a unique culture, business and lifestyle as they learn the interesting history of France (Eibtm, 2014). Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau refer to a joint initiative established by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Paris City Council. The bureau provides several MICE services that encourage visitors such as business people, Congressmen and tourists to Paris. First, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau welcome numerous visitors in different strategic points, in the busiest locations, in the Paris city (Prince, 2008). This makes visitors impressed by the warm welcome and encourages them to visit the city often. Secondly, the bureau enhances unity and cohesion among service providers in Paris by bringing institutional and professional partners together to organize and plan for joint actions that improve the image of Paris as a good global tourism city. It represents Paris both at international and national levels. As an administrative body, the Paris Convention Bureau arranges for site inspections to improve services provided to visitors (Coffey, 2006). The bureau also gives incentives by planning and organizing journalists’ press visits in other countries across the world. This ensures that journalists promote Paris and its image appropriately. In most cases, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau represent Parisian tourism professionals’

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