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The purpose of this essay is to review and summarize the article, and to include some definitions and preferably challenging research questions in the field. Likewise, the discourse would comply with the requirement of critically reviewing the paper by evaluating its weaknesses and strengths. Finally, suggested ways and opportunities for improving the paper would be presented after a comprehensive analytical and critical reflection is undertaken, as required. Summary of Relevant Details The authors recognized the increasing number of literatures written on the subject of online shopping and acknowledged three clearly defined purposes, to wit: (1) to identify and review current available research studies on online shopping related to media factors influencing buyer behavior and to pinpoint critical dimensions that emerge from these studies. (2) to evaluate and compare the key dimensions on online shopping behavior vis-a-vis traditional shopping channel behavior. and (3) to suggest future thrusts for research on online shopping using the information gathered. …

The four key dimensions were discussed after the tabular presentation of summarized online literatures. The informativeness dimension was defined as an online category of consumer behavior that focuses on elements of “information relevancy, information accuracy, information comprehensiveness, and information interactivity” (Shen, et.al, 2006, 6). Each distinct variable was explained using various literatures on the subject. The manner by which information comprehensiveness, for instance, was proffered initially indicate that “information comprehensiveness is a measure of the amount of information furnished by the channel. Consumers expect a certain level of information, and when the information provided by the Web approaches this level, information comprehensiveness is enhanced” (ibid.). The theoretical framework used to explain customer service dimension presented two distinct studies conducted by Wolfinbarger and Gilly (2003) and Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Malhotra (2002) which identified customer service in terms of scales or levels. Wolfinbarger and Gilly (2003) clearly distinguished variables of reliability/fulfillment, as contrasted to security/privacy, as essential factors to ensure the effective delivery of products and services parallel to according satisfaction. The difference in presentation of data from the research study written by Zeithaml, Parasuraman and Malhotra (2002) falls into the manner by which security and privacy were treated as separate concepts of customer service. The delivery of products is another element taken into account under this dimension.

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