Hi Need To Submit A 4000 Words Paper On The Topic Managing People And Developing

Hi, need to submit a 4000 words paper on the topic Managing people and developing, leading team. I am a member of the Libyan students’ society in Leicester. I was involved in a social program that was working with young Libyan people. The organizations involved in coordinating the social program were Libyan Red Crescent and some civil society organizations. The main objective of working with the civil society was to carry out charity works and equip community members with assertive skills with respect to observance of civil rights. Working with young Libyan people was both fun and challenging at the same time because of the stubborn nature of young men when they grow up. This program offered a platform to sharpen my skills, as they will be needed during the next visit. It was crucial that we avoid past mistakes and use new techniques. I worked with young Libyan people in Libyan secondary school in Leicester and Taiba mosque near Libyan school. The project was organized based on the presumption that most young people need some motivations to navigate life and still lead healthy lives. The charity programs helped to reduce the desperation of the locals who were faced with a high rate of unemployment. I applied my aesthetic skills in helping restore the dignity of girls who have been victims of rape and other abuses. There were a lot of activities that indulged young Libyan people, for example, participating in lectures about first aid, playing football, visiting interesting places and others.

In order to accomplish the project’s objectives, there was need to partition ourselves into various teams and use the teams as a means of getting to the end. We organized ourselves into strategic teams, which were headed by my fellow colleagues. There was a need to identify common values, goals, and objectives. This was crucial in the management of conflicting interests and desires. The boys were teenagers in their early and late teens, and had a lot of enthusiasm for fun games.

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