Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic The Old Folks Home The Author

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic The Old Folks Home.

The author of “The Old Folks Home” begins his narrative with the statement that approaching always brings up the same feelings in the author: duty, of course, and excitement because he hasn’t seen his grandma in so long… but there is always a touch of apprehension, of dread. The fact is, there is not a whole lot that we have in common together, not a lot of common ground to talk about.&nbsp. This means that we will check up on each other – because we do care, we truly do, but after that first inspection, the tales of the past week or two or four, a silence laps. The visit turns into watching jeopardy or a Cubs game, comfortable, yet not all that fulfilling.&nbsp. The author tells that he cannot leave after the first checkup though – what would the point be for such a short visit?&nbsp. Wouldn’t that be admitting defeat?&nbsp. Wouldn’t that be telling each other that there is not actually that much for us to talk about anymore? He keeps on telling himself, and his grandma keeps on telling him, that she appreciates them, that the author is doing a good thing.&nbsp. But he also worries that his discomfort is shared – that she knows no matter how much they love each other, that there is nothing that love can do to help bridge the 60-year gap that separates their birth.&nbsp. He tells himself this is fine, that his presence is all that is required, that he is doing good.&nbsp. He wishes he could believe himself.&nbsp. He wishes he could do more.

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