Hi Need To Submit A 1000 Words Essay On The Topic Applying Theory To Practice Pr

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Applying Theory to Practice Problem.

The Neuman model perceived clients as being in a state of dynamic equilibrium with the environment. The environment is also considered a perceptual field that surrounds each person. Neumann has focused on the stress factors and the reaction of each person to the condition that brings about the stress. She brought forth the conviction that stress factors comprise the environment. She further argues that the disequilibrium in the body system that is caused the stress is a tension. This tension acts as the stimuli, which has the potential of causing the illness to the individual that is suffering from the stress.

The environment is subdivided into two components that include the internal and external factors. The internal factors comprise of the forces that occur within an individual or intrapersonal stress factor. In our case, the example is smoking which the patient is involved in after being discharged. The external environment consists of interpersonal stress factors that result from interaction with other individuals. This is in terms of changes in the roles that can bring about stress to an individual.

The physiological issues in patient perspective involve things like the ability to see, hear and have mobility. There are other things like the ability to breath, sleeping, feeling, eating, speaking and the vital signs. This variable focuses on the physiological wellbeing of the patient.

The psychological variables involve the non-verbal behavior, attitudes, coping pattern and response to stress. These things focus on the psychological status of the patient. Therefore, by ensuring that the patient psychological status is appropriate one wil be able to facilitate the things that ensure the well-being of the patient is considered. There are various expectations in this variable that are recognized through evaluation of the patient’s behaviors and the way the patient handles stress.

The social variable reflects much on the individual’s values

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