Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic College Inc Which Is Not A Bad

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic College inc.

Which is not a bad mindset to be subliminally feeding the viewers at all. The commercials for these schools do not sell an education, they sell idealism. They sell a lifestyle, They sell a promise to give you an education that will set you on the road to financial stability. In other words, the ads feed on the vulnerability of the American population that is looking for a way to have a better life or a better job. The people who tend to be enticed by these ads are those who have been rejected by regular educational institutions either for lack of qualifications or a full roster of students.

If I were in charge of a for profit school that is worth around $60 million like Chancellor University, I would allocate 50 percent of the profits to raising the standard of education by hiring the best possible professors that money can buy in a contractual basis. That is because tenure is something that is severely over rated. Teachers should not be paid more on the basis of their tenure at a college, rather they should be paid for the quality of their ability to teach. If they dont pass muster, then get rid of them. But that can only be done if the professor does not hold tenure at the college.

Federal grants help the students at the for profit colleges get a jump start on their education by allowing the students access to taxpayer dollars that was meant to help them give back to the society later on in their professional lives. Since the FSA takes care of 90% of the fees, the student practically has a free ride through college. The for profit colleges benefit from the system because they are sure to be paid for their tuition fees and other charges regardless of the actual capacity of the student to pay for their education. Uncle Sam actually takes care of that for them. The problem is that some for profit colleges such as DeVry University offer programs that are not accredited by the correct institutions and therefore

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