Hi Need To Submit A 750 Words Essay On The Topic Summarizing Articles He Offers

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Summarizing articles.

He offers that such can be achieved through building relationships and complementing customers in brand marketing.

In this article, the author observes that emotions supersede reason and logic whenever customers make a decision on what to buy. He points out that effective management of B2B should be focused on creating a personal relationship with the business.

Here, Julie Davis, the author, points that the age of technology has enabled businesses to reach their customers through various online platforms. He advises that both B2B and B2C should listen to customers’ feedback that would enable them improve their customer service.

In this article, Larry Myler focuses on B2B strategies for improved sales. Myler offers that focusing on an established goal is the first step. He proceeds to outline that such a goal should address different buyers, establish trust and reduce cost of operation amongst others.

Davis argues that in order for a B2B to benefit from online marketing, it has to improve its SEO. He offers that doing so would entail trying to understand customer search habits, investment in a competent IT department and expand its SEO terms to have more traffic.

Garvin Finn asserts that many B2B fail to innovate owing to the fear of change of strategy. He offers that many cling to a strategy that is not working owing to a kind of fear he terms cognitive dissonance. He advises that B2B should just explore alternative solutions.

In this article, Peter Friedman observes that although millennials are techno-savvy, they should not be entirely left in charge of social media marketing. He advises that millennials would impart a B2B positively by allowing them work under a senior who directs their efforts and skills appropriately.

The articles have helped me understand the topics addressed in B2B in the following ways. To begin with, the articles have helped me

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