Hi Need To Submit A 500 Words Essay On The Topic Compare And Contrast The Three

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Compare and contrast the three sky’s religions.

From these stories, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have a reference point, the Hebrew Bible. In light to this argument, it is justified to argue that the Abramic god is the centerpiece of the three religions.

Additionally, the three religions believe in God being eternal, omnipresent, and the sole creator. They are of the belief that God is holy and exists in all places, is powerful, present at all times. These aspects link the three religions to the concept of God and the role of Abraham in religion- the founder. They also believe that in prayer, the transcendent God can answer the prayer of all individuals. This means that God is the creator and controller of all humans.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are referred to as self-described monotheistic religions. They, however, have varying views in terms of their understanding of God (Ridgeon, 2003). According to the Muslims and the Jews, God is just in one form. Their doctrines emphasize on the unity of God. On the other hand, the Christians believe in the three manifestations of God- the trinity. This entails God the father, son and Holy Spirit. The Muslims and the Jews argue that the Christians do not uphold the doctrine of oneness. This means that Muslims and the Jews argue against the fact that Christians separate the concept of the unity of God.

However, the Christians argue that God is a divine being and cannot operate in wholeness deviant of the three explanations. They also argue that just like Judaism and Islamism are singular existences, the same case is the Holy trinity.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam also have varying opinions on the concept of afterlife and the end of the world. According to Ridgeon (2003), Christians believe that the kind of life one leads on earth determines the kind of afterlife they will lead. Those who end up in hell are the ones who led a wicked life, and that those who repent their sins and lead a godly life will enjoy eternal satisfaction in heaven. In the case of

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