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This department, in addition to the police officers, also has a Special Weapons and Tactics Department and the S.P.I.D.E.R. (Special Police Investigative Division and Emergency Response) Unit that responds to all critical and life-threatening incidents in the city limits and the surrounding area. On this evening, Officer Kerr reported in 9 p.m. Upon arriving to the office, he reviewed department emails, read reports that were taken between the time when he got off the previous day and when he came in. There was also a shift meeting where information is passed down from one shift to the next one that is taking their turn to discuss anything that may be going on in the department. Some of the information is about suspicious activity, people being looked for questioning or any other information that needs to be transferred between shifts. During the ride along, we did routine patrol and traffic enforcement as well as responding to calls for services. During routine patrol, we just drove through neighborhoods and alleys looking for people out walking around, open car doors, open doors on houses, broken windows on houses, and basically looking for things that look out of place and any other suspicious activity that may have been going on in the area. …

ir business which meant we were dispatched and had to go to check out the door locks and then contact the business owner to come and reset their alarms. It turned out to be nothing other than something had set off the business’ motion sensor detector. We were dispatched to go on a domestic violence call in which a married couple were arguing. The husband left, went to a bar, became intoxicated and came home. While she was at home, the wife became intoxicated and locked the husband out of the house. The husband then called the police department to try to get his wife to let him back in the house as she was screaming at him through the door and refused to let him in. Upon patrolling, we went through one of the city’s parks. We found that a group of 15-year-old kids hanging out on the playground at 12 a.m. which is after the city curfew. We gathered up all of the kids, took them to the police department. We then called all the parents to come get them. Once the parents arrived to pick up their child, we collected both information from the parents and the kids to be and put it in a report to be forwarded to the juvenile department for review for curfew violation. At one point we received information from an anonymous caller that was in regards to a noise complaint in their apartment complex. After gathering information about where the complex was, we made our way to an area where we heard loud music from the outside, lots of loud noise and found that several people were going in and out of the apartment. At this point, Officer Kerr knocked on the door, asked to speak to someone inside the residence that lived there.

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