Hi I Need Help With Essay On Explain How A New Container Terminal Is Influenced

Hi, I need help with essay on Explain how a new Container Terminal is influenced by the external environment in which they wish to operate. Give relevant examples of external environments, (. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

At the very outset, the terminal faced problems in commencing its operations because of a long standing dispute between PRC and the United Kingdom in the allocation of the tender, with the PRC accusing the British Government of favoring British interests in the allocation of the tender. (www.en.wikipedia.org). As a result of the dispute, there was a delay in the execution of the project which also delayed the opening of the terminal and caused losses in Hong Kong, while other terminals such as Kwai Chung Container port suffered from over congestion. As a result, many ships bypassed Hong Kong altogether and moved on to other ports.

The different structure of political institutions may also impact upon terminal operations. A study was conducted by Wang and Cullinane (2006) on the relative efficiency of European container terminals and their impact upon supply chain management. They examined 104 of Europe’s terminals and found that in general, the terminals in the UK and Western Europe were most efficient, as compared to container terminals in Eastern Europe.

Changes in societal conditions can impact upon the working of computer terminals. For example, in the case of the Kelang Container Terminal in Malaysia, when Government control of the terminal was given up, there was a direct improvement in the domestic welfare of the local inhabitants.

In the case of Container 9 in Hong Kong, the construction of the terminal was also delayed due to concerns from members of the public about pollution and a worsening of traffic conditions, hence social pressures can play a role in its operations.

In the year 2005, there was heavy rain at Container Terminal 9 which caused a collapse of a stack of containers on a truck driver and resulted in further controversy. It also gave rise to more concern from members of the public about the safety and methods of stacking containers (www.en.wikipedia.org).

A centralized software control system for the container terminal

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