Hi Need To Submit A 2000 Words Essay On The Topic Incomplete Research Project Th

Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Incomplete research project.

The visitors in turn will be happy to pay a reasonable amount in return for the services. That’s how the hospitality industry functions. With the emergence of big hotel chains hospitality came into being as an industry in itself. This study is an effort to analyse how The Goodwood Park Hotel has been able to take advantage of the globalisation and increasing economic activities.

In the earlier times, travel to far off places used to take months to years, and it required grit and determination on the part of the adventurers to explore the other part of the world, and if they could live longer enough to go back to their native land, they would narrate the wonderful place that they could see, which in turn would encourage others around to go and see those places. Till the time Wright brothers presented the world with a flying machine, most of such travels used to take place with the help of ships, on foot, on camelback or on horseback. During those times people used to undertake travel as a part of trade and business and the business partner used to take care of the visitors. But gradually, the task of business partner was made easier by the hospitality industry, and such visits started gaining enough momentum after the aeroplanes were pressed into service. The hotel industry prospered with the increasing economic exchanges and cooperation in trades and services.

Hospitality and tourism literally means carrying out the business activity by taking good care of our guests, with the help of facilities like comfortable stay, quality services, hygienic meals, better communication, transportation etc. Hospitality is all pervasive and has become central to the billion dollar industry and an upsurge in global economic activities. This study is being carried out with an aim of taking a realistic look at how the hospitality

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