Hi I Need Help With Essay On Why Modern Technological Means Of Communication Hav

Hi, I need help with essay on Why modern technological means of communication have left a glaring need for leaders. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

One of the most committed and prestigious educational institutions that provide leadership studies is Jepson School of the University of Richmond. Consistent with their purpose, one is determined to realize distinctive leadership qualities that would hone appropriate skills to take an active role in transforming global organizations one plans to be a significant contributor of.

One recognized that every endeavor requires the accomplishment of clearly specified goals. Leaders are the prime movers of people towards goal accomplishment. Their effectiveness is gauged in terms of their ability to attain defined purposes at the least possible cost and at the predefined time frame. It is therefore one’s personal contention that leaders are honed into effective drivers of change when they learn and apply the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities that are acclimatized to situations and organizational settings.

Through formal learning in a conducive environment such as Jepson School of Leadership Studies, the specialized but multidimensional approach would assist in enhancing one’s theoretical background in the pursuit of constantly evolving leadership principles. The famous leadership theories that emerged several decades ago that focused on contingency approaches, path-goal theories, and other leadership traits, skills and styles, have been updated to incorporate new findings on issues such as transformational leadership, servant leadership, and distributed leadership, among others. The need to learn and absorb these theories is crucial to cater one’s learning to the demands of the times.

Unlike any other human behavior theories in organizations, leadership is the most sought after due to its ability to transform and improve past and current performance to unprecedented levels through the vision and unique talents of leaders. There have been several proofs from past and contemporary leaders that have transformed their organizations to the

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