Hi Need To Submit A 250 Words Essay On The Topic Core Nursing Competencies In Fa

Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Core nursing competencies.

In fact research done in the California State, revealed that BSN nurses had a mean income of $75,000 while ADN nurses scored a mean of $70,000.In addition, the interview showed that ADN programs were favored because, they are less expensive and the student took less time to complete the course. On the other hand those who advocated for the BSN program did so stating that one had higher chance of progressing in the nursing career and also that their chances of entering into a more advanced nursing program were higher ( Masters, 2009).

Majority of those interviewed in the class of Graduate (MSN, DNP, PH.D) were comfortable with their working category and conditions. They stated that they were valued just like many doctors are and that they are in most cases incorporated in many major decision making situations. They generally felt that they were on top of their career hence the satisfaction ( Masters, 2009).

In conclusion, there are many challenges that a nurse faces in their career and many emerge from discrimination due to their education level. This has made the nursing profession to be undermined yet it carries the most important weight in the health care sector. Therefore these debates need to be addressed so that there can be a clear guideline that all nurses will follow so that they can attain

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