Hi Need To Submit A 1500 Words Essay On The Topic Cipd Diploma 1 This Is An Elem

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic CIPD DIPLOMA 1.

This is an element of PESTLE that calls on this organization to embrace a move such as installing wireless internet in its premises in order to appeal to its young-generation customers.

Expansion opportunities – given the vast land at the head office, the organization can transform the space to a social ground where social activities and other events can take place. This increases the fame of the organization, promotes the sales of the hotel, and thus earns the organization an extra income. According to SWOT analysis, the organization should recognize that this an opportunity that would pay off quickly if exploited well.

Poor Leadership Style – allowing employees to participate in the decision making process of the organization draws them closer to the organization, and boosts a cohesive culture that can lead to organizational success.

It facilitates the adoption of a suitable organizational culture – using the organization being discussed, allowing employees to participate in the decision making process endears them to the company. More to this, streamlining, and improving their compensation packages motivates them to work for the organization’s success. Therefore, they own the organization, feel part of it, thus promoting a clan culture that allows employees to cooperate and work as a team to achieve organizational objectives. This is an element of transformational change that makes employees to go beyond their organizational mandate because they are happy working for their organization.

It optimizes the performance of the organization – adapting new technologies improves the efficiency of the organization, since technology speeds up, and eases the way things get done. Additionally, current technologies enable an organization to minimize costs, and facilitate prompt communication. Strategic change calls for an organization to incorporate

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